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celebrate little things

I cannot believe that it’s almost my birthday. (Six weeks counts as almost, right?) That seems impossible. It was just here a couple of weeks ago, I promise! It feels like time has sped up and yet, so much has happened in the last year. We went to India. I’ve petted an elephant and watched the sun set into the Arabian Sea and eaten my fill (and then some – I’m really only just starting to tolerate even the thought of cardamom again…) of masala dosas and prayed with fervour that my stomach would behave when it started acting up on an 18 hour bus trip from Mumbai to Goa. And we’ve found out we’re expecting a baby (a baby!), decided to move back to Reykjavík and are looking forward to a cozy winter in a house with a slanted roof and creaking wooden floors… and a newborn. (A baby!)

I digress. This was supposed to be all about my upcoming birthday. I like birthdays. No, really like them. Love, actually.  my own being a personal favorite. This year, I expect the fact that I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant to have some influence on how we celebrate it. But I think I might be looking forward to it even more than usual. By then we’ll have moved in to our beautiful new apartment (rented, but it feels like ours), I will have turned in all the assignments I’m working on at the moment and have nothing on my agenda besides preparing for baby and relaxing. I’m hoping for a dinner out with friends – and that I’ll still be able to fit into something that makes me feel pretty.

One of very my best friends, whose birthday is only two days after my own, is every bit as much of a birthday girl as I am. We tend to go just a tiny bit crazy during our September and treat ourselves every chance we get. I’ve already started on a list of pregnancy-friendly treats to enjoy this fall. Any ideas to add to it?

* Get all dressed up on a Monday night and go have a gorgeous dessert in one of the city’s fancier restaurants.

* Get mani/pedicures together. (Normally, I would suggest just doing this at home, but since I very likely won’t be able to see my own feet at that stage, I’m thinking a salon is a better option this time around…)

* Go see a girlie movie and then spend an hour dissecting it and, obviously, comparing it to our own lives.

* Go out for dinner and talk only of things and ideas and people that inspire us: what we liked about our journey through the last year and what we’d like to see happen in the next 12 months. Make a list of goals to be revisited a year from now. (God, I’m really loving lists lately! Oh well).

* Head out on a mini-road trip to the Blue Lagoon, followed by a burger and curly fries in the most American town in Iceland, Keflavík.

* Spend an hour finding the perfect new shade of lipstick and celebrating with a cup of coffee and a piece of the most decadent cake we can find.

* Pick a rainy night to cuddle up on the sofa with some ice cream and watch an old movie neither of us has seen.

Sounds like a good plan, right? I’m open to all suggestions though, so feel free to share any ideas that could make my birthday month even better!

The pretty picture is by Shandi-lee on Flickr.