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It’s Monday and I’m feeling Mondayish – a bit reluctant to start ticking off things on this week’s to-do list. So here’s a post fitting my Monday mood: Have you ever heard of the loneliest whale in the world?

See, there’s this whale that scientists have been tracking for many, many years. The reason it’s so easy for them to track it is that this particular whale sings at a frequency much higher than other whales of its kind, or any whale, really. No other whale can hear its tenor voice, and thus, no one ever responds to his calls.

The lonely whale just keeps swimming, calling out for a mate or a friend, and no one ever answers. He doesn’t even follow the same migration patterns as other whales, which has led some scientists to believe that his high singing voice is not the only one of his problems; he may in fact be the very last of his species.

Doesn’t that break your heart just a little bit? The lonely whale with the high and beautiful singing voice that no one ever hears? Oh.

You can listen to his song here (although it’s been sped up to sound higher than it really is). Picture is linked to its source.