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I think I’ve finally decided to grow my hair out – a task that will require infinite amounts of patience on my part. Like, a year or two. Or three. We’ll see what happens. I’ve had short hair before and I’ve tried to grow it out many, many times before and I usually always cave in somewhere around that awkward will-you-just-reach-my-shoulders-already-stage. I’m hoping I can stick it out this time. I’m finding myself drawn to long and luscious hair – which I haven’t had for about fifteen years (oh fine, I’m lying, it was never luscious).

These are a few of my inspirations for the time being – the photos (or, well, bloggers, mostly!) I stare stubbornly at when the urge to cut or the fact that I may very soon sport a mullet is getting to me.

The lovely Carrie of the equally lovely blog WishWishWish has gorgeous hair. Even the color is amazing – I’ve tried for that beautiful shade of brown many, many times but somehow always end up with a much more reddish color. (Except for that one time when it actually turned out Ronald McDonald-orange, but I try not to think of that too often. The horror.)

Equally lovely is this French lady, Valentine of the blog Hello, it’s Valentine. I’ll be happy as a hippo when my hair reaches that length. Isn’t she cute? And I have that same gold sweater, yay! (Is it wrong to be excited to have something so irrelevant in common with someone so cute and stylish?)

Alexa Chung in L’Officiel magazine, August 2010. (See more here). I like the color, the texture… Of her hair, I mean. And the photo. It’s a gorgeous editorial. I also quite enjoy the fact that she’s wearing a hat and yet does not look bald, as is the case with me and my pitiable short hair these days.

Last but not least, the woman behind one of my favorite blogs, Naomi Davis of Rockstar Diaries, has gorgeous hair. And the nicest smile. And coolest glasses and best wardrobe and the cutest daughter in the world. If I ever achieve hair like this I will consider myself a success in life and never moan about anything ever again. Promise. Also, is it possible to have family crushes? Because I think I have one on the Davis family.

So, apparently I have changed my mind regarding that whole going back to red hair-thing. Brunette. That’s where it’s at. For now. Now, just hurry up ,time. Pass! Pass!

Pictures are linked to their sources. (Well, except for Alexa, but I linked to the site L’Officiel redirects you to when you try to browse old issues, and you can see the rest of the editorial there. Ok?)