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It won’t be my birthday for another six months, but I can still write wishlists, right? Pretend that one of these days some of the following items might pop up in a beautiful box with a bow and my name on it? Anyway, these are the things I feel are most sorely missing from my life at the moment:

A stylish, really powerful, very cheap food processor. I know, I have a better chance of finding a Bulgarian-speaking unicorn. (Hence, the abstract picture). It’s just that I only have so many more weeks in me of stubbornly using my tiny little blender instead of a real food processor. And I do love to blend. And, you know, process. Food. Once you’ve made your own hummus or falafel or sunflower seed pâté there’s just no going back… And I feel I can no longer live without stuff like this or this. Seriously.

A bright pink lipstick to make me feel that Spring is on its way. And yes, I do feel like a fraud for being sick of winter after only being back in Iceland for three weeks while my countrymen have stuck it out since early December. But I can’t help it.  Spring?

This mugshot print of the charming Lenore from Larken design on etsy, created from the original Cincinnati police negative they somehow unearthed. I love it. Lenore looks like a fun gal, don’t you think? I wonder what she did to get arrested… Any guesses? My current theory is she was shoplifting something completely unnecessary – just for kicks.

A new lens for my camera, since my Canon EF 50mm f 1.8 suffered an accident during our travels in India and is no longer, I’m sorry to say. I’m praying that our travel insurance will cover it. The Canon EF 35mm f 2.0 sounds pretty good. Anyone have experience with it?

That’s my wishlist for March! Oh, and some more sunshine would also be very, very nice. Pretty please? Now it’s off to the theatre with my friend Dagný and her glorious seven year old son who always makes me smile. Have a lovely weekend!

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