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I’ve been in India for almost a month now. It feels like years. And days. At the same time.

India has been kind to me so far – apart from the 50+ mosquito bites, of course, but that’s just business as usual. I’m very tasty, apparently. The past month has been spent travelling around Kerala, in the hot and humid south. We’ve eaten masala dosas in Cochin and watched rickshaws, goats and cows vie for space on the narrow roads: waved hello to a hundred little smiling school girls all shouting “Hiiiii! Howareyouuuu?”: found complete peace and serenity during our cruise of the Keralan backwaters (woooonderful): splashed about in the Arabian Sea and snacked on the best pineapple in the world on the beach in Varkala (paradise found?) and explored tea and coffee and spice plantations in Kumily and Munnar, where the smell of cardamom and vanilla lingers on the air. Glorious. The best part: the people. Everyone we’ve met has been friendly and helpful – and I swear Indian people have the most beautiful smiles on the planet.

Just this morning, my mother and brother headed home to Sweden via Dubai. Me and my boyfriend will stay on for another 6 weeks. We’re now enjoying our last day in Cochin – tonight we’ll board an overnight bus to Mysore, which will be interesting… After taking in the bazaars and museums and temples and the legendary Maharaja’s temple in Mysore, we’ll head to Hampi, Goa and Mumbai. Then, we’ll just have to see what time we have left and what we feel like doing. The deserts of Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal and Varanasi look good to us now, though…

I’ll admit I’m finding it a bit challenging (understatement of the year? Last year, that is.)  to be without my computer.
Which, using my green beans-logic, I think means it’s good for me. I do miss internet though. Ah. Oh well. Everything in its own time. Right now, it’s time to just be, see, absorb and reflect.

I hope the new year has been as good to you as it has been to me and look forward to being able to update this darling blog of mine a little more frequently. Hrm. If I’m lucky I might even find a better internet connection and be able to post a photo or two. Crossing fingers.

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