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Oh my, it’s been way too long since I last wrote something here. Is time speeding up? This week-long hiatus was not my intention. I really don’t want this little blog of mine to start to resemble all the diaries I’ve tried to keep in the past. They all start off with a promise that I’ll write daily, and a week or so later the only things I seem to be able to get down on paper are shopping lists and to-do lists and gift ideas and other such nonsense.

A look at my iphone photos to get me started again is in order. They sum up my time in Flateyri quite nicely, I think, although I completely forgot to snap pictures of the dinner parties and the book readings, socializing and merriment that also took place.

1. Wearing five woollen items at a time to try and stay warm in a not-so-windproof, wooden house. Can it be some kind of record? 2. The nerd in me loves my color-coordinated shelf of Pukka teas.

3. My very fine Nordic hair has suddenly started curling up when left to its own devices. I like it. 4. Beautiful old magazine I found in the bookshop.

5. Old magazine #2. 6. Old magazine #3.

7. Botanical drawing from an old book. (Wow, is “old” turning out to be the most used word on this blog? Hmm. I’ll write about something brand spanking new next time!) 8. Flateyri has a lot of ravens. They’re huge and almost unbeliavably black and gloomy and regal. I like their inherent gothicness.

9. The view from my flight this morning: Snæfellsnes peninsula, with the glacier just discernible there at the top. 10. Landed safely in Reykjavík; working just a bit, drinking lots of coffee and chatting with my friend (and gracious host for the week to come). Oh, and blogging.

I’ll be back. I promise. No wait, I don’t promise. Maybe that’s what always goes wrong – jinxes the diarykeeping. Now I’m going to stick to my routine and do yoga before I get ready for a family dinner. My brother’s in the country (from Sweden) and I can’t wait to see him. It’s been far, far too long! Have a continued happy Friday and good weekend!