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This made me smile. How cute is this entire production? The show, the audience, the models, and the swimcaps, of course. The one with the fringe is my favorite – it is so bizarre. Seriously though, I think I need to start wearing one. I already have a very pretty polka-dot swimsuit, but sporting a flowery cap would make swimming even more enjoyable.

I sometimes wish I had been born in the forties or fifties. I seem to love everything about that era – apart from the women’s rights issue, of course. That would be the huge, well made-up and manicured elephant in the room. I just love how pretty everything was back then. The pastels, the victory rolls or smoothly curled hair, cardigans and ponytails, coca-cola bottles and striped straws and the nicest furniture. And swimcaps. Oh, the swimcaps…