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Red sky by Alisha Vernon

I’ve been kind of homeless for the last year and a half. This has been an exercise in patience and letting go. I’m a nester. Always have been, and always will be. I want my surroundings to be comfortable, I want pillows and candles and throws and preferably flowers (although I’ve killed every single potted plant ever to enter my home. It’s a sad story.). During this time, while all my things have been packed away and in storage, I’ve been battling the urge to nest. I’m winning the battle – but only because I’ve created an imaginary home that I’ve already decorated about three times with the help of blogs, magazines and the gloriousness of pinterest.

Recently, I’ve been eyeing art for this imaginary home of mine. For me, the three things absolutely essential to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere are a welcoming kitchen, books (crucial! I do not understand people who don’t have books!) and art. Sadly, in real life I don’t own much art. Having been in school for most of my life, my budget hasn’t really allowed any extravagant purchases in that area. Hopefully, this will soon change for the better. In the meantime I’ll continue repinning the beautiful art often shared on pinterest and browing etsy with a wistful look. Right now I find myself drawn to abstract paintings in warm colors.

Sweet Karma print by Erin Ashley
August’s Humid Decline by Caroline Wright
Dots by Luli Sánchez

I wish, I wish…

Update: Oh gosh, maybe I should clarify: I’m not actually homeless. It’s just that I’ve been living in a place with some basic furnishing, but which I can neither paint nor decorate to my heart’s desire – and with all of my things packed away in storage I don’t have my cherished “stuff” with me either.