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A strange thing happened this morning. We were driving out of our peaceful little town in grey, cold, foggy weather. We just turned onto the main road, heading for Reykjavík, when a whole flock of birds took flight and swooped across the road, directly in front of the car. We panicked a bit but didn’t hit a single bird. There were so many. Surrounding us. Dark and slick in the grey light. Eerie. As I drove back from Reykjavík alone this afternoon – it happened again. In the exact same spot. What are they doing? I refuse to accept that they’ve decided to commit a collective suicide – but that’s surely what it looks like.

In other news. A week flew by. About six days ago we realised that we will be leaving for India in just under two months. Of course, we have known this since we booked the tickets last winter, but time somehow, inexplicably, sped up and now it’s definitely time to start planning a bit! So, on my part, this past week has been spent googling and booking hotels and doctor appointments for shots and trying to understand the visa application. I’ve done quite well – we won’t have to sleep on the street when we arrive and my arms are sore from the shots we got today. It’s all happening. Yay!

However, completely in line with the weather these days, I’m in the grips of a cold worthy of its own horror-movie. I am surrounded by lemon wedges and empty tea cups and ginger shavings and randomly placed garlic cloves as I write this. Next on my to-do list for the day, and the one task I have been looking forward to, is to lie down and watch a movie. Ah. The bliss. Hope to be back in touch with the world by tomorrow. Or, if realism is insisted upon, Saturday.