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I’ve just spent the past hour or so gazing at the work of the unbelievably talented Irene Suchocki. I’ve come across her dreamlike images on Pinterest before, courtesy of some unknown pinner with tastes similar to mine (follow me here, by the way!) – but I didn’t take the time to check out her shop until now. All I can say is: wow. I want to crawl into every last picture and just set up shop in there, go about my business in a pastel-colored Venice or run with the wild horses. I’m a bit vary of the antelope one (their horns might be a problem for me, you know, if I were to crawl in there), but otherwise – take me away!

Each picture is borrowed from the photographer’s Etsy shop, called Eye Poetry (aptly named, huh?) and linked to its source. Read more about Suchocki here. She also has a 2012 calender for sale, featuring 12 of her gorgeous photographs. Christmas isn’t that far away, you know…