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Picture of a parking meter in Reykjavík. 

I took a completely unintentional leave of absence. The past week has been very busy, what with all the packing (I’ll stop complaining about it soon, I promise…), unpacking, quality time with friends and family I haven’t seen for far too long and working on the project I hope to be finished with in about a week. Or ten days. We’ll see.

Anyway. I’m now in Hveragerði, a small town (well, it’s a veritable metropolis compared to Flateyri, but still…) in the south of Iceland where my boyfriend’s parents live. They run a guesthose in this quiet town – which probably has more trees than any other town in Iceland and is dotted with hot springs. Yes. My boyfriend’s grandparents’ house was actually situated pretty much on top of one. He and his cousins remember, um, holding it in rather than going to the bathroom when they were little, because the floor in there was so hot that it hurt to walk on. Crazy, huh?

The week that passed since I packed all my kitchen utensils and gave away what food was left in the pantry back in Flateyri, and until I got the chance to go grocery shopping here in Hveragerði, made me realise that I don’t really function all that well without being able to cook. Or, you know, prepare my own food, at least. I’ve slowly been making some changes in my diet, aiming to eat more vegetabels and fresh fruit, more raw food and generally just pay more attention to nutrition. My intention isn’t weight-loss. I just want to be healthier and better educated in all things food and nutrition. And this week showed me that it’s taking hold. I felt kind of disgusted with myself after eating take-away meals or heavy home-cooked stuff for that many days in a row. I was craving something fresh: crispy vegetables, beans, lemon juice and vinegar instead of cream and cheese. It showed when I went grocery shopping – my cart looked like an advertisement for the largest health food company here in Iceland. Ridiculous.

Yesterday evening, through the combined efforts of me and A, my boyfriend, we had an utterly delicious pasta for dinner; with scallops, roasted garlic, my improvised sprouted almond-cilantro pesto and avocado. I tried taking some pictures but I still feel completely out of my depth with my new camera – somewhat like I’ve stuck my hands in gardening gloves filled with water and am trying too perform a brain surgery I have no idea how to do. Must practice. We’ll see if my limited Photoshop-skills can save them, in which case I’ll post them later on.

Ok, this post was not meant to go on forever. I actually just wanted to say that I’m still alive. And I’ll be back. And, hopefully, noone will be sorry.