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jack johnson:supposed to be by visualpanicGood morning! I’m up, making coffee and trying to convince myself that I actually enjoy packing – which is basically what my day will consist of. I’d much rather be waking up in a shabby but clean hotel room (since that’s what I can afford!) in some foreign country, listening to the unknown city as it wakes up and stretches. I’d get dressed and put on some lipstick, take my boyfriend by the hand and wear my smile all day like a family crest. We’d drink hot coffee in a small café and try to pick out distinguishable words from the symphony of language that surrounds us, wave at the little boy in the stroller and feel our shoulders relax as the sun massages them. I’d buy a bunch of postcards off a street vendor and write random facts about the cobblestone streets and smell of tobacco and old men wearing checkered shirts and too few teeth and send them to all of my friends. When night fell, we’d sit on a bench, our fingers still a bit greasy from dinner, and drink red wine straight from the bottle while the chill crept up and not want to leave, until my boyfriend would lean over and kiss me and say stop being so hopelessly romantic you’re getting cold. And we’d walk back to the hotel and he’d stroke my arms until every single goosebump was gone. 

Since that can’t happen today, I’ll leave you with this video from the EF series that makes me want to go to Paris right NOW: