Update: Oops! I encountered some technical difficulties resulting in this post not being published at all. I’ll publish it now instead, as a reminder to not stress this coming Sunday… 

I’ve grown to like Sundays in the last few years. Before, I loathed them, like so many people seem to do. And I get it, I do: the weekend is coming to a close, Monday morning looms just around the corner, you might be tired or hungover from Saturday, not much gets done and yet you feel you’re completely wasting your precious hours off if you don’t do… something. Anything. I’ve been there. However, I’ve now conditioned myself that Sundays were never meant for anything other than rest – off the top of my head I seem to remember at least one guy who shares this opinion. J… what was it?  Luckily, I’m really good at resting.

This Sunday has been spent doing a little bit of work for a project I’m currently working on. Working while laying on the sofa, sipping tea and taking frequent breaks to just gaze at the candlelights and rose bouquet on the coffee table doesn’t really seem like work. Apart from that, I’ve eaten a long and leisurely breakfast/lunch, read my favorite blogs (to be revealed in an upcoming post), played cards with my boyfriend, listened to jazz on the radio and tried to plan the hectic week starting tomorrow morning. There are many, many things to be done and far too little time to do them in. Even so, I decided not to sacrifice my Sunday and get started on the packing and organizing that awaits me tomorrow. Today, I’ve rested. As that’s all my Sundays are intended for, I consider this day a success! I’m cheating a little bit, since I have a work meeting later this evening. Don’t tell anyone.

Coming up: I plan to go make a pizza with all my favorite things/everything we have in the fridge: cherry tomatoes, serrano ham, basil, mozzarella… Yum. And while I make the dough I’ll be watching the lovely Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffanys, another excellent lazy Sunday thing to do. Doesn’t the opening scene make you want to watch the whole thing? Do it, I say!