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Am I alone in being a huge birthday girl? I love birthdays. Especially mine. There, I said it. Why not go all in that one day a year you get an opportunity to just celebrate yourself? I do. And tomorrow, it’s my birthday! Yay! Since I’m currently living far away from friends and family, I’m just planning a cozy day with my lovely boyfriend, who’s promised me a magnificent brunch – with eggs benedict, champagne, grapefruit, coffee, candles and cake – cuddles, a walk in the lovely autumn weather, a new dress and presents. There might even be a balloon in there somewhere. We’re heading south, to Reykjavík that is, in a week, and since I’m such a huge birthday girl I’ve wished for a do-over once we get there. That second birthday will include high heels, eating cake with my family and dining out with friends.

Every year, I start counting down to my birthday weeks in advance. Those weeks are generally spent dreaming of things I’d like to see come out of beautifully wrapped packages. This year, I’ve been dreaming of the following things, to name a few:

Ren Morrocan Rose Body Oil

I want to take up dry brushing my skin in the mornings, inspired by this post. A natural bristle brush and a luxurious oil to slather the skin with afterwards would be much appreciated.

Penguin Clothbound Classics

I love books. Love, love, love books. (My boyfriend is painfully aware of this, as every time we move he has to carry a ridiculous amount of heavy boxes containing nothing but books). I also like good design. These series from Penguin are… Perfection? Is that too strong a word? Gorgeous, at least. I already have the Sense and Sensibility one (the light blue one in the second row) and would be more than happy to welcome more into my heart and home. Emma, perhaps? That’s the one with the chairs in the back row. Gorgeous. And I like Jane Austen, so it might make sense to start my collection out with the Austen books. Fun fact: (or is it?) Pride and Prejudice was the first book I read in a language other than my native one (Icelandic). However, I’d read it so often in Icelandic by then that I almost knew it by heart.

Topshop Green Velvet Boots

I fell head over heels (hah, hah) for these boots, after seeing them on Elsa‘s blog (which is gorgeous, by the way). She has them in blue, which I adore. They seem to have sold out, which is kind of just fine – I own way too many blue things anyway. And I love green too.

Zooey Deschanel

No, I’m not wishing for Zooey Deschanel for my birthday – although I’m sure it would be awesome to have her as a friend. She strikes me as sweet and funny and just carefree enough to always be fun to hang out with. I want her hair. And I’m a far, far way from it, since chopping it all off in May. I really liked it short, but now I can’t wait for it to grow out. How is it that always happens? One day you’re perfectly happy with your hair and the next it’s just all kinds of wrong. Oh well. One day, Zooey…

Right. I could go on and on forever, but it’s time to go and do some shopping for tomorrow. I’ll be back with a report on the festivities!